Ultra-trail Australia – Specific Preparation Phase

With a little under two months many Ultra-trail Athletes are glancing at the hourglass watching a passage of sand accumulating at the bottom of the ampoule. It wouldn’t be unusual to respond to the pressure of your looming challenge by hitting the trails harder than ever – but is that really the right thing to Read more about Ultra-trail Australia – Specific Preparation Phase[…]

Dear UTA Runner…

Dear UTA Runner, First of all congratulations, you’ve entered yourself into a beautiful, fun, well-organised and challenging race. Each of the Ultra-trail Australia races having something unique to offer: -The long sustained downhill of Kedumba for the 22 (and 50 and 100) with views up to the 3 Sisters. -The half-marathon of stairs for the Read more about Dear UTA Runner…[…]

Sharpen, Taper and the road to race day

Our 6 tips for where to focus your training and time when there’s less than 2 months to race day, 1) DROP THE BASE The periodised macrocycle approach to training has had us endurance athletes dropping the base long before Skrillex was a thing. Welcome to the Sharpening phase! With 6-8 weeks remaining to race Read more about Sharpen, Taper and the road to race day[…]

Coach or no?

Should you get a coach or will that free programme suffice? This conversation crops up a bit here and it’d be great to say there was one answer that best suited everyone. But there isn’t. We’re all different and there’s loads of solutions out there to choose from.  If you’re making the commitment to run Read more about Coach or no?[…]