September 21, 2015


Jon Coburn – Train to Tarawera Athletethumb_20150912_103422_1024


In 2014 l completed The North Face 100 in just under 15 hours. Living in Penrith at the footsteps of the mountains l thought it would be great to complete as my first solo 100km event. The following year l ventured across the ditch to race the Tarawera 100 in Rotorua, NZ. My goal was to attempt to break 12hours but really knew that would be pushing my absolute limit(I finished in 12:07). What a course and what an event. Fast forward to August 2015 when Kerry Suter posted about a coaching programme group at just $10 a week. My first thoughts were “l don’t need a coach, there are heaps of programs in books, it’s all online these days. I can just go for a run and get fit. Why pay a bloke in New Zealand when l live in Australia. Who is Kerry Suter anyway”? In the end l decided to message him and he explained the process and programme thoroughly to me. He said l could pull out of the program if it didn’t suit me. I did some research and found Kerry to be highly qualified and the best value. Others were charging a fortune. So l decided to sign up.

Well after 5 weeks of following my programme as set by Kerry l am extremely pleased. My first week was a 5km time trial and l thought. Get out of here l am running 100km l don’t need to run a hard 5km. But l listened and followed Kerry’s advice. Now after 5 weeks l have smashed my current 5km time by over a minute, my aerobic base is building each week and my training structure has never been better. Kerry gives me my programme with a mix of long steady runs, aerobic building runs and hard/tempo/fast speedwork that all work together. My long runs are easier and my recovery is nowhere near as long. He never tells me to do a run on a specific day but guides you as to how to work the programme best to suit you. During the first 5 weeks he has taken weight measurements, heart rate measurements and times to continue to adjust my programme. He always responds to messages and is always willing to help with advice and honesty. He tells you to back off or turn it up when needed.

So if anyone anywhere out there wants a programme contact Kerry Suter. He gets results with a honest straight up approach. I am so glad l found him even though l live in Australia. He is willingly to change and adapt things. I can not thank him enough and thoroughly recommend him. Plus he promises beer at the FINISH LINE!!


Kyle Weiss – Athlete (Gold Coast, QLD)

As an athlete who loves the sport of trail running, I am always looking for ways I can improve my training. At the end of last year I contacted Kerry to discuss whether he would be able to help me on my running journey and he welcomed me with open arms. Like the majority of runners, I had always thought that I was training the right way and I was doing everything I needed, but boy was I wrong. Kerry has given me tremendous amounts of guidance and knowledge in all aspects of my training. It was clear to me from the start that Kerry knew exactly what he was talking about, the endless paragraphs of information I would receive proved to me that Kerry really cared about my training and wanted the best for me.In his own unique way,he knew exactly how to get the best out of me. Since starting with Kerry, my overall fitness and health has improved faster than I could have ever imagined. Over the last year Kerry has coached me to a massive PB at the North Face 50km and as well as top 10 finishes at the Coastal High 50k and Tarawera 60km. I would have never imagined I would be able to achieve these results in such a short time frame. However, the results I see continue to surprise me. The bottom line is, Kerry has an amazing passion for all types of running and the care he takes with each and every one of his clients is second to none.

Jo Johansen – Elite Runner (Wellington, NZ)

I was once in a ‘running rut’. I would get injured, and I was always tired. I suffered from Over-Training Syndrome which culminated in a string of bad performances. I needed help. I needed to know where I was going wrong and what I needed to do to improve as a runner.

Kerry’s own success, coupled with his experience and knowledge as a coach meant I knew he would be someone I could trust and follow. In addition I find his enthusiasm and personality really suits me. In 2014 I approached him for his guidance and expertise. I soon learned a lot about working within the confines of a smart program.

By applying quantitative measurables to my training, and establishing a structured approach I soon understood what I needed to do. It didn’t take long to see improvements. I became stronger and faster and more consistent with results followed. I was less tired and enjoying myself more.

For anyone embarking on running ultra distances I highly advise seeking guidance and support. It’s important to know what you are doing and how to do it. Competitive Ultra-marathon running is a serious undertaking and it’s essential that you approach it with the best possible guidance and support.

Paul Charteris – Race Director (Tarawera Ultra Marathon, NZ)

In 2008, Kerry Suter emails me and says “Just to let to you know – I think I can win the Tarawera Ultra, and I love to talk about running – a lot. Let’s talk” He was right on both counts. He won the inaugural Tarawera Ultra the next year and defended his title the year after. And he still has not stopped talking.

Kerry is a great coach because he genuinely loves what he does. He is passionate about trail running and he delights in making sure people succeed. He’s not afraid to kick asses when he needs to. It’s for this reason that he was one of the key people in our North Island Tarawera Trail Running Info. Nights and Coaching Clinics. One of the “hidden talents” that Kerry has is that he has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of all things running – he is incredibly well-read and more than happy to share his knowledge. He’s also my #1 pick for an ultra marathon pacer – you just cannot wear the guy out or shut him up!


Tim Day  – Tarawera Ultramarathon Event Director and SQUADRUN athlete

So here’s my first real shout out to Kerry Suter, the training programmes he’s given all of you, and to all of you who have joined the Squadrun team. You guys rock and it’s awesome to see your progress!

Running for me has always been just a really fun way to explore the wonders of our natural areas and stay healthy. “Ask nothing from your running and you’ll get more than you ever imagined”. I run what I feel like, when I feel like, as fast or slow as I feel like. I usually get distracted by the world and end up exploring off trails – its fun!

Anyway, a short while of looking at Kylie‘s programme made me realise that what I naturally do on the trails fits very comfortably with what Kerry is asking you to do. Incorporating a few other sessions might be of benefit to me, so I joined Squadrun with the long term focus on Northburn 100miler in March.

So how’s it going?

– Honestly I use the programme as a rough guide each week – I pick the key sessions from each week that I think I’ll benefit from, that will fit with the week, and that will be fun.

– Sometimes its just the important runs, sometimes its all the runs, usually its some combination of ‘easy’ and ‘hard’.

– I tend to do the hard sessions harder than my programme and the easy sessions easier. I’m not anal about it, but am motivated by it.

– I try to rest in preference to overdoing it – I’m physically & mentally busy enough.

– I’m getting faster – that’s not my main aim, but going faster in the hard sessions means the long runs feel much easier, and take less time.

– I should be better prepared for the long long stuff.

This Squadrun thing is a good thing. It’s well worth the few dollars it costs – it has VALUE! It’s not a big stick, but the structure is helping me shape things better while remaining focused on freedom and fun. Thanks Kerry.