Top 5 tips for first timers at UTA

UTA2021 saw more ‘first timers’ join us than ever before and with interest in trail running only growing we’ll certainly be sharing the trails with fresh faces and clean trail shoes this coming May. So what should those new trail runners know about UTA ahead of time? 1) Train, train like you have never trained Read more about Top 5 tips for first timers at UTA[…]

Dear UTA Runner…

Dear UTA Runner, First of all congratulations, you’ve entered yourself into a beautiful, fun, well-organised and challenging race. Each of the Ultra-trail Australia races having something unique to offer: -The long sustained downhill of Kedumba for the 22 (and 50 and 100) with views up to the 3 Sisters. -The half-marathon of stairs for the Read more about Dear UTA Runner…[…]

So you’ve signed up for UTA… Now what?

You’ve set the alarm, you’ve clicked the buttons, charged the Credit Card and now you’re thinking ‘Holy heck, I’ve got to run an ultramarathon…’ What should you do now? Start getting some runs done. Everyone worries about ‘peaking too early’ there’s actually no such thing. The better base of training you have ‘underneath’ you the Read more about So you’ve signed up for UTA… Now what?[…]

Surf Coast Century 100

At the finish line of Tarawera Ultra in February of  2016 someone said to me ‘Ali you should run a 100’ ‘No way! I’m not that stupid. I like myself too much’ was my response. Fast forward to September 2017 and suddenly I’d become.. that stupid Surf Coast Century appealed to me because of the scenic Read more about Surf Coast Century 100[…]