Top 5 tips for first timers at UTA

UTA2021 saw more ‘first timers’ join us than ever before and with interest in trail running only growing we’ll certainly be sharing the trails with fresh faces and clean trail shoes this coming May.

So what should those new trail runners know about UTA ahead of time?

1) Train, train like you have never trained before!  Fortunately trail running is a social sport best enjoyed with your mates so get a squad together and get on the trails.  We’re a friendly welcoming bunch and if you are seeking a group in your area, ask in one of the UTA facebook groups if there’s a club near you.

2) Prepare!  Unlike road running, we require athletes to have a core set of safety items with them on race day.  These are detailed on the UTA website and worth be familiar with long before you register.

3) The course of course!  UTA is hugely varied with all sorts of technical terrain considerations that you will want to practice on before May so spend some time researching where your race goes and what to expect.  Fern Bower?  More like Fun Bower – amiright?

4) Plan to Party.  With 5 events over 4 days, UTA is a massive festival of running.  A huge expo and a finish line that’s worth visiting more than once!  Book your time up in Katoomba with enough days to take it all in.

5) Train, I don’t know that we made this clear enough the first time.  It really matters.  It needn’t be complicated but there is a bit to know.  If you think we can help get in touch with us at SQUADRUN.  Helping people thrive at UTA is what we do.