August 10, 2015

Personal Coaching Services

Have you ever wanted the very best of yourself?  SQUADRUN’s Personal Coaching Service is the intimate customized training specific to your individual ability, needs and running goals.  With over a dozen clients currently subscribed to this premium coaching, space is limited.  Consequently this service is not always available.PersonalCoaching_KerrySuter

In depth analysis of your fitness and a deep understanding of your ambition Kerry AND Ali will work closely with you on a day-by-day basis if necessary to ensure you get the optimal training information and experience.

The smart application of periodization around your choice of races coupled with the right training to develop your aerobic capacity ensures the best possible chance of success.

At $45/w a tailored programme will be created with your consultation and provide unlimited access to Kerry and most of the SQUADRUN resources.

If you would like to know more, please contact Kerry.