Taper Time – What the science says.

If you’re a runner gearing up for a big race, chances are you’ve heard of tapering. Tapering is the process of reducing your training volume and intensity in the days and weeks leading up to a race to help your body recover, reduce fatigue, and perform at its best on race day. But how exactly Read more about Taper Time – What the science says.[…]

Eccentric Strength for Endurance Performance

Eccentric strength training involves the lengthening of a muscle under load, which can lead to improvements in strength, power, and endurance. Here are some key findings that support the use of eccentric strength training for endurance performance: Eccentric training can improve running economy. Running economy refers to the amount of oxygen consumed during running at Read more about Eccentric Strength for Endurance Performance[…]

Dear UTA Runner…

Dear UTA Runner, First of all congratulations, you’ve entered yourself into a beautiful, fun, well-organised and challenging race. Each of the Ultra-trail Australia races having something unique to offer: -The long sustained downhill of Kedumba for the 22 (and 50 and 100) with views up to the 3 Sisters. -The half-marathon of stairs for the Read more about Dear UTA Runner…[…]

Surf Coast Century 100

At the finish line of Tarawera Ultra in February of  2016 someone said to me ‘Ali you should run a 100’ ‘No way! I’m not that stupid. I like myself too much’ was my response. Fast forward to September 2017 and suddenly I’d become.. that stupid Surf Coast Century appealed to me because of the scenic Read more about Surf Coast Century 100[…]


MY JOURNEY TO UTA 100 I did it!  I completed the UTA 100! I still can’t believe it. Before the race I imagined myself crawling up Furber Steps, staggering across the finish line and collapsing with exhaustion. Instead, I ran into the arms of my coaches Kerry and Ali from Squadrun and was on a Read more about NOT JUST ANY 100[…]