Taper Time – What the science says.

If you’re a runner gearing up for a big race, chances are you’ve heard of tapering. Tapering is the process of reducing your training volume and intensity in the days and weeks leading up to a race to help your body recover, reduce fatigue, and perform at its best on race day. But how exactly Read more about Taper Time – What the science says.[…]

Eccentric Strength for Endurance Performance

Eccentric strength training involves the lengthening of a muscle under load, which can lead to improvements in strength, power, and endurance. Here are some key findings that support the use of eccentric strength training for endurance performance: Eccentric training can improve running economy. Running economy refers to the amount of oxygen consumed during running at Read more about Eccentric Strength for Endurance Performance[…]

Strength and specificity training for Ultra-trail Australia

Whatever your race distance, Ultra-trail Australia is one of the most challenging Ultra’s on the continent and proper preparation can be the difference between masterful execution and a difficult day in the Blue Mountains.When training for an ultra it is important to recognise what training interventions should be considered when in order to make best Read more about Strength and specificity training for Ultra-trail Australia[…]