No More Disclaimers.


It’s something that we seem to add on to our sentences these days.

As a coach I hear it all the time.

‘It’s slow compared to…’

‘It doesn’t seem far when everyone else is doing this but…’

‘It’s probably not much for you…’


It’s a heap of unnecessary words. If it’s something you are proud of then say it.

You’ve only got so much energy to use, why not use it being positive?

The only person we should be worrying about is ourselves.

Own, and be proud of, your achievements, or where YOU are heading.

Also, on that note, celebrate the heck out of others achievements too.

We can all relate to that feeling of going further or faster than before, or conquering something that we thought was unfathomable and how special is it to share that experience with someone else!


I think people forget that the real beauty is in the strive not just in the success. I really admire people who like to explore what they are capable of.


There’s this great story about fleas and glass ceilings.

If you put a bunch of fleas in a box with a glass lid, they’ll jump and hit the glass (as they were capable of going much higher). The fleas will then jump again, and hit the glass again.

They’ll then change the height of their jump so that they don’t hit the glass.

Eventually if you take the glass lid off, the fleas just keep on jumping to the height of the glass without knowing their true limit.


As humans we are the same.

One of our ‘glass ceilings’ which holds us back is our self-talk and our attitude. Take away the ‘I could never…’ and replace it with positivity and ‘I wonder if…’

Sometimes we set ourselves limits which aren’t really the true limit of what we are capable of achieving…

Just what are you capable of if you let yourself try?