Is Getting the Right Sports Bra Rocket Science?

I’d heard about this mythical Sports Bra shop where they had a whole heap of sports bras to choose from AND a treadmill to try ‘em out on; so when in Melbourne for Great Ocean Walkway 100’s, I knew that I wanted to pay this place a visit.

I headed into She Science and met Tish who greeted me with a friendly smile, talked to me about what types of bras I usually opt for and then asked if I had ever been measured before. “Ummmm no” I shook my head. She measured me, and for some reason I always imagined this meant stripping off and showing said measurer your ‘tatas’ but it actually doesn’t. The whole process was super relaxed and Tish was really respectful.

Tish popped out to the back, got a couple of bras ready but before handing them over she peeked her head in through the curtain and asked ‘what size do you normally wear?’ I told her and she smiled and said ‘don’t freak out but these are a couple of sizes different. Oops. I’ve been wearing bras for about 20 years now and I’ve worn the wrong size the whole time.

Tish then brought out (one at a time) about 10 different bras, yep, you heard right, TEN!!! For anyone that is a small town girl, or even from a smaller city, you probably need to lift your jaw off the floor right about now. I know, I’ve never had THAT much choice before. I was in sports bra heaven! I’d put a bra on and then if it was ok fitwise I would put a small pink circular sticker right where my nipple is and hit the treadmill. There’s a screen (and camera) right at chest height and it records you when you run, showing you what movement is happening, or better still NOT happening whilst you are running. Even though they could probably make a bit of money selling slow mo videos of boobies running, they don’t, all videos get deleted. Sorry teenage boys, I know an app like this is probably the stuff dreams are made of. Anyway, after narrowing it down to a few options I happily purchased the one that I felt was right for me, even getting a choice of THREE colours, and off I set happily swinging my purchase as I walked home.

I really appreciated my visit to She Science and wondered how many other ultra-running women out there are suffering with chafe when they really don’t need to be.

There were a few things that I took from my visit to She Science:

  1. It’s the band size that matters. It needs to be snug so that it won’t move and ultimately chafe.
  2. Your bra needs to be done up to the last/loosest hook and eye clasp, and as it stretches you can tighten it by stepping up to the middle hook and eye and then the tightest- thus getting more life out of your bra.
  3. Get measured! Life is too short to be wearing the wrong bra.

So ladies, I urge you to get out and if you can get measured.

If you’re after a girlie shopping trip away I’d highly recommend a visit to Melbourne and to She Science.

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Cartoon courtesy of Dawn Tuffery.

If you love her work (like we do) then check out her ‘Reasons to Love Running’ book here: