SQUADRUN UTA Launch Deals!

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We’re celebrating the Ultra-Trail Australia launch with a plethora of SQUADRUN EXCLUSIVE deals!IMG_7728


Join SQUADRUN and get the coach you deserve, the programme you need and the community to see you all the way through to the after-party (we specialize in FUN!).

Enlist now in the Ultra-Trail Australia Store and also get the following tasty offerings:



SQUADRUN’s own Mark Green (TheBodyMechanic) is offering a 20% discount off his ‘Running Technique Assessment‘.  Usually $350, the first 10 SQUADRUN members that contact me pay only $275.

You are about to embark on hundreds of hours of training, why not make sure you do it right and with reduced risk of Mark Green Profileharm and injury.  For the price of a couple of pairs of running shoes learn how to do it right and own that knowledge for a lifetime.

Your running assessment sessions includes:

  1. Video analysis of your technique
  2. Specific and easy-to-follow instructions on what you need to change and why
  3. Advice on which exercises and stretches will help your transition
  4. Specific technique-related running shoe advice
  5. A training schedule for the transition into your new technique




Corey Hinde Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics (University of Sydney) from ‘ThatFatLossBlog‘ is doing a SQUADRUN Exclusive Ultra-Trail Australia launch special offer of 20% off the ‘Get Lean’ 1 month programme.  Available if you register at TFLB before 25-Oct you have little time to lose.

Few things will make you run faster or ascend stairs quicker than dropping that excess fat.  For just $39 you will get the tools and support to help make a better, leaner you!


SQUADRUN athletes also receive 15% off Big Run Events including the massively popular Sydney Trail Series and ANZAC Day Challenge.

All these have been carefully planned for in your expertly crafted Ultra-Trail Australia training programme so you need not worry about how it all fits together.Sydney Trail Series


Fancy a Long Run Sundae?

SQUADRUN exclusive discounts and vouchers at Cafe 2773 Glenbrook. (details to follow)2773_Functions_Image


HannyFREE Race Nutrition and Fueling Webinar by Orienteering World Champion and Six-Foot Track Record holder – Hanny Allston.
Elsewhere this might cost hundreds of dollars but Hanny is VERY kindly offering this free to SQUADRUN athletes in order to ensure we all have the right information not just for race day, but a life time.  Time and Date TBC.


More, yes more deals!  There are yet more SQUADRUN exclusive offerings which will be covered in detail in the days and weeks to come.