September 23, 2015

Train to UTA22

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The SQUADRUN “Train to UTA22” programme has been painstakingly designed and perfected to be the perfect solution to help you prepare for the Ultra-Trail Australia 22km event.  Coach Kerry will customise it to be specific for YOUR fitness and I give you the control to plan your training around your busy life.  I’ll lay out your week with all the important runs in order of priority so you’ll never miss what matters most.  The intensities will be tailored to YOUR specific fitness and ability, and guide you through the essentials of making the programme work right for you.10648338_1489109301399961_4926154485875553153_o

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting off the coach to try your first trail run or a seasoned pro.  This programme is written to scale in a manor that means the training loads and applied effort will match YOUR unique capabilities.  Don’t think for a moment that this is all too serious or beyond your grasp because I KNOW you can do this!

The whole team at SQUADRUN is committed to not just helping you achieve your goal of running well but also to ensuring you enjoy the journey from now to the finish-line.  First and foremost ‘having fun’ and loving what you do is at the forefront of our objective at SQUADRUN so expect much more than simple coaching and training plans.  Expect community,  expect support and expect passion, because we love trail running to!

At only $10/w the “Train to UTA22” programme represents exceptional value.
Get 7 tailored training runs each week, specific to your fitness
Join the exclusive SQUADRUN community (it’s hard to explain the true value of this, you wont believe it until you witness it)
EXCLUSIVE SQUADRUN group discounts and special offers:

  • 15% off online and instore at Find your Feet plus free Nationwide shipping for purchased over $100
  • 15% off Big Run Events (Sydney Trail Series, Anzac Day Challenge etc)
  • Discounts at 2773 Cafe Glenbrook (specifics TBC)

Finish-line “Officers Mess” to celebrate your achievement or relax following your long day on the trails.  Complementary things!
Regular features like “Tune-up Tuesday” along with “Coaches Notes” will ensure you have all the info and support you could ever need!
Unlimited access to Kerry* and the affiliated team of professional support services including:

  • Corey Hinde – Strength and Conditioning Coach Nutritionist, Weight-loss, and Motivation specialist (ThatFatLossBlog)
  • Hanny Allston – Sports Nutrition Expert, Life and Stress Management Coach, Motivational Speaker
    Mentor, Consultant and absolute trail running bad-ass.
  • Mark Green – Physiotherapist, Technique Assessment Specialist, Uber Athlete.

As well as cast of experienced elite and professional athletes.


Find out what SQUADRUN clients are saying about their experience!

If you want to know more, contact Kerry – [email protected]FullSizeRender-1024x563

*unlimited access is offered on a ‘be-cool’ basis.  Obviously I am committed to ensuring a lot of people are getting the most from their coaching and will endeavor to support you as best I can however my time is limited.