May 25, 2016

Train to Hounslow Classic

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Hounslow StairsjpgMore awkward stairs than an Escher painting and more ups and downs than an episode of Greys Anatomy.

Come October 8 you’ll ask yourself as your quads fail and you stagger your way up yet another 350m climb – “WHY?” – We at SQUADRUN don’t have the answers…

….but we do have the training plan!


Hounslow ProfileWe spent a good couple months hashing around the Grose Valley and we loved our time barrelling off the escarpment.  I have a good handle for the terrain and spent a while building two training plans to suit.

  • The Easy programme is the correct training for someone coming from a moderate amount of fitness and keen to build Programmeto around 50-70km per week in preparation for Hounslow Ultra.
  • The Hard programme follows a similar vein however volumes in base phase will be closer to 80-100km/w.

As with all SQUADRUN training plans you are given 7 runs per week from which to build your training.  You need only do the amount of runs per week you are comfortable with (typically 3-6 runs per week).  The runs are delivered in order of priority so you can focus on what matters most.  Where the SQUADRUN system matters most is that the training runs are specifically designed with YOUR fitness in mind.  The training intensities are specific to you in order to achieve a desired training state.

In a addition to the highly detailed $15/w training plan you will also have access to the ‘hard to explain just how awesome it is’ SQUADRUN community.  With a couple hundred mad trail runners supporting your insane endeavour you can expect a lively and entertaining host of SQUADDIES cheering you on both online and on-track.

At only $15 SQUADRUN is the cheapest and best-value coaching in Australasia with the biggest community.  Good quality information and support shouldn’t be expensive!

As always your training journey will be overseen by the expert eyes of your coaches Kerry and Ali.  Should you ever require support of any time we remain the most contactable coaches in Australasia (probably).

If you would like to know more about this coaching offer please contact Ali to discus a 2-week trial. [email protected]