May 25, 2016

Train to GOW100

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There is little point selling you on the event mainly because it has already sold out.  Proof of the popularity of the race and testimony to the passion with which Andy Hewat (Director) delivers this ‘earthy’ event.

Don’t just join SQUADRUN in training for GOW but actually join us at the event as we test ourselves against the distance and terrain.  We’re proudly representing ourselves on the start line for this one and are eagerly looking forward to sharing the full journey with you.


SQUADRUN is the ‘home of $10 per week coaching’ which seems simple enough.  A weekly training plan written with intensities specific to you designed to deliver the right training for the GOW100.  It’s not just that though, it’s so much more than a programme.  It’s Australasia’s largest coach-lead running community.  It’s a massive network of runners across Asia-Pacific sharing their training journey.  Ali and I pride ourselves on being some of the most contactable and supportive running coaches in the business.  Coupled with our support you’ll enjoy benefits from numerous affiliated partners as well discounts, deals, training camps, group runs, and much much more.

Our $10/w training plan proved not only popular but also massively successful with 97% of our 160 athletes finishing Ultra-trail Australia (a race that saw a 21% DNF rate).


ProgrammeWhy Train with us to GOW?

As with all SQUADRUN training plans you are given 7 runs per week from which to build your training.  You need only do the amount of runs per week you are comfortable with (typically 3-6 runs per week).  The runs are delivered in order of priority so you can focus on what matters most.  Where the SQUADRUN system matters most is that the training runs are specifically designed with YOUR fitness in mind.  The training intensities are specific to you in order to achieve a desired training state.

In a addition to the highly detailed $15/w training plan you will also have access to the ‘hard to explain just how awesome it is’ SQUADRUN community.  With a couple hundred mad trail runners supporting your insane endeavour you can expect a lively and entertaining host of SQUADDIES cheering you on both online and on-track.

As always your training journey will be overseen by the expert eyes of your coaches Kerry and Ali.  Should you ever require support of any time we remain the most contactable coaches in Australasia (probably).GOW100