June 4, 2016

Train to Great North Walk

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Surprisingly by demand we have created a training plan for the Great North Walk 100km and 100mile.  Far be it from us to say what is possible and what isn’t we are however entirely justified in questioning your sanity should you be considering 100miles of NSW trail.

A ‘miler’ is one of the most demanding distances attempted at the moment and it’s mere completion demands dedication to consistent training and a relentless assault on the finish line.  The programme follows the theme of establishing efficiency of movement through regular ‘rhythm’ running and lgreat-north-walk-02ong aerobic outings to build depth in your base fitness.  Time is short on this one and athletes looking to join on this plan should already have a generous training and racing history.

The 100km programme is similarly demanding but with less questioning of your sanity.

Only a few brave ‘SQUADDIES’ have raised a hand for this one but expect the usual manic community support on and off the trail.

At only $15 SQUADRUN is the cheapest and best-value coaching in Australasia with the biggest community.  Good quality information and support shouldn’t be expensive!

Should you wish to find out more about SQUADRUN and in particular the “Train to Great North Walk” programme, please get in touch.  [email protected]