January 4, 2016

Train to 6Ft


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Managed to get that exclusive 6ft Marathon entry?  GREAT!  There are few events with such a long history and getting a start in such a popular race isn’t something that comes by every year.  You would want to be sure you’re going to stand at the start of the race in the best possible condition given the training time available.Six Foot Track - Hanny

Fortunately SQUADRUN has the 6ft training plan that is right FOR YOU with a programme tailored to suit YOU which is specific to YOUR fitness and ability.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time ‘plodder’ or a capable athlete looking to better your performance, the “Train2 6ft” programme will help you achieve your goal of running well come race day.

This programme is customizable and gives you the control to plan your training around your busy life while detailing the important runs by priority so you never miss what matters most.  I will ensure all the intensities are tailored to your specific fitness and ability and guide you through the essentials of making the programme work right for you.six_foot_track

At only $10 per week the “Train2 6ft” represents exceptional value far beyond a basic programme. Get 7 tailored training runs each week, specific to your fitness

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If you want to know more, contact Kerry – [email protected]

OR if you already know that this is a good thing and want to sign up then head to: squad.run/reg