November 23, 2016


SQUADRUN Logo Black Transparent 2We at SQUADRUN pride ourselves on providing affordable training for people of ALL abilities including those ‘high-fliers’ up front throwing down for the top spots.  These ‘shiny diamonds’ train hard and race smart and deserve to be celebrated for their outstanding achievements.  They are great representatives and ambassadors for our brand and those they represent online and on race day.

Matt Carroll

I run for fun and race to win. A specialist at anything long, the longer the better. It has taken 5 years of consistent running to now see the full potential of what my running capabilities are. My running year consists of a good portion of road and trail events. 2016 has been a bumper year with 2 wins under my belt and 5 podiums from 7 starts. 2017 is set to be a bumper first half with TUM100, Boston Marathon and UTA50 (let’s go one spot better). I am a passionate food and beverage director who works a lot and trains when I can. Life goals are to run some of the most iconic races around the world from Western States, UTMB plus many others. I pride myself on my ability to build networks and love nothing more than seeing others achieve their own goals. My SQUADRUN journey began at the finish line of UTA50 and since then Kerry and Ali have provided me with support, guidance and real advice (no BS or fluff). Great people running a great thing!

Sponsors: Tailwind (NZ), CEP (NZ), SQUADRUN, Buff (NZ)instagram-icon

5km 15:31 Half Marathon 1:14:01 Marathon 2:35:31

Key Results 2016
1st Taupo Marathon
1st Orewa Half Marathon
2nd Ultra Trail Australia (UTA 50)
3rd Motatapu Ultra
6th Rotorua Marathon 2:36 (NZ Championships)
8th Auckland Marathon 2:35

Results 2017

8th Ultra Trail Australia 50km

Tom Bland

I’ve been racing triathlons competitively and running in the hills for over 15 years.  The 2003 World Triathlon Championships in Queenstown were what brought me to NZ and I’ve been here (almost) ever since.  Happiest in the outside-of-doors, whether it’s swimming, biking, running or just picking daisies with the kids, I’m always on the lookout for any opportunity to explore and adventure in this awesome playground.

I’ve spent this season focussing on running long and enlisted the help of Kerry and Ali at Squadrun to get me in shape, physically and (most importantly for me) mentally, to take on the big miles.  Their awesome training programme and on-point tactical advice got me through Taupo 100km in reasonable shape and I’m looking to back that up with an A-Game Tom Bland on Twittershowing at Tarawera 100 in February.

My main goals for 2017 are:

  • Finish inside the Top-20 at Tarawera Ultra Marathon
  • Podium at Harbour to Hills Half Ironman
  • Podium at Rarotonga International Triathlon

Longer term my aim is to compete and place well in triathlons and ultra-running events and race competitively as a Master/Vet athlete.  A 2:40ish marathon and a Kona slot are the tangible long term goals before I get too old! 

Race Results


17th Wellington Marathon 2:51:11

3rd Open Male (5th overall) at Taupo Ultra 100km (10:03)
2nd (35-39 AG) NZ National Triathlon Championships
1st overall Paekakariki Road Races
2nd overall Levin Half Marathon (1:15:20)
1st overall Scorching Triathlon
1st overall Scorching Duathlon
1st overall ‘In the Footsteps of the Marines’ trail race

Rhys Johnston

I’m a Husband, a Dad, a Boss, and it turns out I’m also a Runner.
My first real Running race was the Tussock Traverse in 2015 and I loved it!
I started taking running more seriously after being inspired by a friend who took on a massive race, I was there as support crew for him and realised, “I need to set a Goal that scares me, A goal I don’t know if I can achieve”. After turning over stones in early 2016 looking for what that goal would be it turned out to be TUM100 Feb 2017.
I still remember the night well when I clicked on the entry to pay and seal the deal, This would have been one of the hardest bits of the journey, that point were you have just jumped and you’re not sure if facebook-iconyou have a parachute on or you are about to go splat! Well that’s where Squadrun came in, I needed People around me who knew how to get to the finish line. At the time of Committing the Goal was to complete the race, as time has moved on the goal keeps changing and is growing along with me as a runner as my expectations keep evolving. I now want to run a Sub 10hr and stamp my name into the New Zealand trail running world!
There is something very important I have learnt on the way. This is something many may not share, as I have worked my way through the pack improving until I found the podium I have learnt this. The most courage comes from turning up to the starting line, everyone is out there fighting their own demons and for the guys and girls at the front the Hills only get smaller, The distances get shorter and the fight with those demons is over quicker. instagram-iconWhats the point in this? Always look forward but never stop looking back for those who cross behind you are the real champions as their hills were higher, Their distances longer and they fought those demons for longer than you.
Who am I? – I’m a Squaddie!  Im one of you, if you see me out there come say Hi!



1st Waitomo 33km

4th Waitomo 33k
1st Auckland Xterra super long series
2nd Taupo 50km ultra
2nd Tarawera 50km ultra
12th Tarawera Ultra 102km (9:46)

Kyle Weise

Current Sponsors:instagram-icon
The North Face Australia & New Zealand
Run Goat Run (Aus)

Race Results:facebook-icon
1st Lamington Classic Marathon 2015
2nd Nerang 50km 2016
2nd Kokoda Challenge 96km teams event 2014
2nd Numinbah to Pollys 50km 2014
10th Tarawera Ultramarathon 60km 2015
4th (age 20-29), 36th Overall Tarawera Ultramarathon 102km 2017
Australian Under 20 100km, 50 mile, 6 hour and 50km records

As a 22 year old living on the beautiful Gold Coast it’s not hard to find motivation to run. I have been running trails and ultramarathons for around 3 years now. It has resulted in some amazing experiences and allowed me to meet a lot of amazing people. My main goal in running is to reach my full potential, whether that takes 5 years or 15 years I have no idea. It’s a long process but one that I am loving every minute of.
In the future, I hope that I will be able to travel around the world and compete in the world’s most competitive races.

Jo Johansen

Tarawera Ultra 1st place
the Hillary 1st place
Kepler challenge 3rd place

Hillary Ultra 2nd place
Buffalo Stampede 5th place
Mt Difficulty 2nd place
T42 marathon 1st place
Kinloch marathon 1st place

Wellington marathon 3rd place
WUU2K 60k 1st place
Kinloch marathon 1st place
Taupo 100k 2nd place

I am most happy in nature running over rugged, remote terrain. I am a competitive trail ultra-marathon runner I love challenging courses and sense of achievement crossing the finish line.
My main goals for this season are gaining more experience in the 100km distance and working towards completing a 100 miler within the year. I have also committed to competing in the Australian and New Zealand sky-running series running 3-4 events over the year. The plan is to chase the points and gain enough to take me to the sky-running champs somewhere in Europe- this is my dream.
Long term plan is to still gain as much experience and compete to my fullest, the dream is to race overseas against the worlds best.

Sponsors: HOKA ONE ONE (NZ), Ultimate Direction (NZ), Endurobeet, Health Evolution

Emma Bassett

Key results 2016
12th Tarawera 102 ultrainstagram-icon
2nd Dual 10k
3rd T42 marathon
1st Pelorus Trust half
1st Taniwha 60k ultra
3rd Tarawera marathon
Hello world! I’m Emma, I love to run, I thrive on playing in hilltops with fresh air and friends. I spend most of my running time in trails. I’ve stepped up the distance, over a few years, with the longest yet being the 2016 Tarawera 102k. 2016 was an extraordinary recovery year (following a summer of three ultras) where I played with speed, distance, diversity of races and chasing possibilities. By day I work in tech as a people manager in a pretty special NZ company.

I’ve worked with Kerry and Ali since 2015. They’ve given me a resilient plan to work with, foster an incredible community, and given me boldness in encouraging me to chase harder (while also ensuring I’m not racing every weekend – sorry Kerry!).
Results 2017:
7th Tarawera 62
Key events 2010 – 2016
Ultra 50k + (Squamish, Kepler, Taniwha, Tarawera x4)
Trail marathons and road marathons (lots!), PB 3:22
Half marathons (lots!)
5k 20:01
10k 42:07
Half 1:31:37
Marathon 3:22:48

Meghann Coffey (Aus)meghann-cofffey2

I began running when I was 15 years old through school athletics carnivals. I continued athletics till I was 20 years old and desired a new challenge. I registered for my first ultra in 2014 – North Face 50km. With no races over 10kms and definitely no trail races under my belt I managed to finish in 6 hrs and 46 mins placing me in the top 20 women. Since then I’ve completed numerous 20-40km trail races, two 50km and three 100kms.  

I have been training with Squadrun for the last couple of years, allowing me to improve speed over all distances. Combining the knowledge Squadrun has provided with my base knowledge as a physiotherapist, I have been able to improve my understand of training, recovering and listening to my body. In the last 12 months as an athlete I have grown through experience and in determination to see how far and how fast I can go.

instagram-iconRace results
2015 – North Face 50km – 6 hours 10 mins, 4th (age)
2016 – Ultra Trail Australia 100kms – 14 hrs 06 mins, 2nd (age)
2016 – Great Ocean Walk 100kms – 12 hrs 44 mins, 4th (overall)

Andy Good (NZ)

Sponsors: CEP Sport NZ, Tailwind NZ

Having run at a social level for a long time, a new years resolution challenged me to take part in 5 races throughout 2016. This was an amazing motivator; the desire to keep improving throughout each performance kindled a competitive side of me I never really knew existed.

Running changed from a lifestyle to a sport, but most importantly at each event I took part in I had the chance to meet an amazing network of people along the way.

Now based back home in Christchurch, Running, adventure and exploring new trails is my passion. 
I work for the NZ Army with the Royal NZ Engineer Regiment, specialising in Carpentry and Construction.

I’m a father of two beautiful girls who are my most powerful motivation whilst competing and training.
2017 features some hefty goals, with the most important being knocking off that elusive 100km mark.

Kerry and Ali’s guidance and reassurance up to this point highlight to me how dedicated they are to all of us achieving our own personal goals, however ambitious they may be.
I’m proud to be a Squaddie, look forward to getting the chance to meet you guys whenever that may happen ☺

2016 Results

  • Great forest events trail ½ marathon – 3rd Overall (1.15.15)
  • Double Rainbow Trail Run 25km – 1st Overall & CR (2.07.58)
  • WUU2K 60km – 2nd Overall (6.01.10)
  • Taupo Ultramarathon 50km – 1st Overall (3.48.18)
  • Tarawera Ultra 62km – 4th Male (5.28.04)
  • Old Ghost Ultra 85km – 3rd Overall (7.44)

Dennis de Monchy (NZ)

Starting out as the younger brother of a keen mountain runner, I was never keen on exercise. However in my 30’s I caught the bug and started hill running, orienteering and rogaining, leading to winning the Rogaine World Champs in Australia in 2006, and second place in Estonia in 2008. It’s taken a while to get back to that level of fitness and endurance, but it seems to have returned with a sub 10 hour TuM 100 last year, and some good races in 2016

1st at Double Rainbow Mountain 46km,
1st at Whangamata 12hr Adventure Race with team Tailwind,
A new pb at Tarawera 50km of 4.29,
5th Overall at Tarawera Ultra 62km in 5:40
Next years targets are a sub 1.20 Half marathon, and a sub 3 Marathon

Cecilia Flori (NZ)

SQUADRUN is proud to support Cecilia Flori of Italian/Canadian origins she now calls Hamilton, New Zealand home and is coached by the super-knowledgable Graham Dudfield (Hamilton City Hawks).  We will be helping Cecilia with access to races, sponsors and direction toward her future running goals.

I discovered I loved running in mid 2014 when I got convinced to do a half marathon with only two weeks of training.  After completing it  I was hooked!  Before that I was a climber but my passion for running took over and not even a year later I did my first ultra, 50 mile north face endurance in Ontarion, placing 3rd.  I then realised that ultra running was my thing.  I feel the happiest when I am out on a trail immersed in nature for hours.  It’s my happy place.

Race results:
North face endurance 50 mile – 3rd Female – 10:07

The Great Cranleigh Kauri classic 36Km – 1st Female – 3:43:43 (modified longer course)
Double Rainbow Trail Run 46Km – 1st Female (1st  Overall) – 4:56:31 (took a wrong turn)
NZ Road Relay Champs, Lap 4 – 8.2km – Fastest  Female – 32:11
Taupo Ultra marathon – 100km – 1st Female (3rd  Overall) – 9:21:492017
Off Road Taranaki half – 1st Female – 1:46:33
Tussock Traverse 26Km – 2nd  Female – 2:20:27
Tarawera Ultramarathon 102km – 3rd Female – 9:21:42

Sponsors: Julbo NZ, Altra NZ