‘One-on-One’ Consultation

$45 excl.Tax (if any)

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If you’ve got┬átricky questions and want some direct input from one of the SQUADRUN coaches you can get a 30-60 minute consultation covering almost any-thing running related (and some things not running related).

Typically the $15/w ‘train to target’ plans include all the information you require and should you have a question about training with these plans you are welcome to ask our community or coaching team anything at anytime, however, if you have running aspirations beyond your current plan or would like some advice on how to get it all working ‘just right’ for you than a 30-60 minute consult may be just the thing you’re after.

Dive into your training data, analyze Heart Rate, talk Running Power, Nutrition, Long range plans… there’s so much we can do.

These are typically longer than thirty minutes so allow sixty just in case.

Choose for a phone call, a video conference (Google Hangouts, etc)

Just let us know who and how you would like to work with us

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Ali, Kerry, Kyle, Wez, Vajin