September 21, 2015


What is SQUADRUN and $10/w Coaching?

SQUADRUN has partnered with Aroc to provide the ideal coaching and training package for all its Ultra-Trail Australia customers.

SQUADRUN is first and foremost a running community.  It’s a vast group of passionate people sharing their experiences and supporting one another on their journey to fitness.

11209370_1486002455043979_3087563085136628795_nIt is also a training system which enables me (Kerry Suter) to deliver the best possible low-cost, high-subscription based coaching solution.

In excess of that SQUADRUN is a group of trusted professionals and affiliated businesses compiled to apply a leveraged support team offering the best in the business across a wide variety of services.

The sheer size of our group enables us to access special offers, discounts and much more than just coaching, training and community.

All of this must be seen to be believed and almost 100 current happy customers are testament to the quality coaching product and complete training package delivered by myself and my team.


Who is Kerry Suter?11942296_899315196821731_4497246143613961925_o

I have almost 10 years competitive running and coaching experience.  I am a two-time winner of the Tarawera Ultra Marathon and coach to almost 100 runners including Jo Johansen and Ben Malby.

Having learned a lot on my personal journey to fitness I now focus on applying my knowledge in a coaching and mentoring facility.  I have a deep understanding of the science of training and a great desire to share this to the benefit of those that seek my help.


Is this for me?

YES!  I have carefully constructed a training system that lets me determine exactly what it is YOU need to achieve a specific target.  It matters not whether you are looking to complete your first race, or compete for a top-10 spot, the fundamentals of training remain the same.  The average SQUADRUN athlete is a 42 year old woman with a 27 minute 5km PB.

Presenting at a series of trail running seminars and workshops I realised there were a large number of people that were uncertain about whether the training they were doing was right or even what training they needed to do to prepare for their next big event.  Runners of all abilities that didn’t want a private/personal coaching solution, rather a low-cost alternative that they could rely on as fit for purpose.  It was from this massive demand that SQUADRUN was born.  Really out of necessity and desire to help people.



How does it work?

In the same way any coaching programme works.  I work out how fit you are and what we need to do to get you to your race target.  I have an intimate understanding of that race target and know exactly what training will be required to get you through it.  I establish all the training you could be doing and deliver it to you in order of importance.  You then fit the training into your busy life because I shouldn’t need to tell you that it makes sense to do your longest run on your day off work.  I give you 7 runs weighted by ‘Priority’.  You then plan your week and execute your prescribed training in the same way you would were you being coached privately with the only real difference being you structure your week with the provided plan.

The 7 runs supplied are tailored to your specific fitness so the intensities will always be provided to ensure you achieve the perfect ‘training state’ (cardio) for each and every run.

You need not do all 7 runs.  YOU set the training load.  Some weeks you might do the top-4 priority runs, some weeks you might only do 3.  If you want to seriously prepare for the 100km event there will be weeks you should do all 7.  In many cases fatigue will be your guide.FullSizeRender-1024x563

I am almost always contactable and will always endeavour to answer your question in a timely manor.  I consider my $10/w programme to offer you unlimited contact with me, your coach.  However – be cool!  I have to help a LOT of people and impress that you be considerate of my duty to support many runners with their training.


I’ve hurt myself

You can leave at any time!  Injury, change of circumstance, anything.  In coaching almost 100 athletes to date only 3 have ever left (injured), 0 dissatisfied.


What it isn’t

This isn’t a ‘hands-off’ delivery of a generic programme the likes of which you could download from any given website.  This is the right training, that’s right for you.

TuM-StartSQUADRUN is NOT a personal one-on-one coaching service.  I FULLY support people seeking ‘high-end’ private coaching and will gladly point anyone in the direction of the many amazing running coaches available to you.  Two business I encourage you to consider are UP-Coaching (Brendan Davies) and Mile27 (Andy DuBois and Scott Hawker).  Should you feel you want to take your training to the next level and truly invest in the very best you can get, these coaches come HIGHLY recommended.