Train to 2018 Big (and Little) Red Run

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Purchase Coaching for the Big Red Run!

Greg and his team have for many years poured their hearts into this one and with that passion endures one of Australia’s favourite multi-day running festivals.  We’ve had many of our incredible athletes tackle this one and in the process of coaching, mentoring and supporting them to this epic goal we certainly have learned a lot.  Multi-day racing is unique in the requirement to back up effort after effort.  It’s about running and recovery and in your training comes preparation for such specificity.  And that’s without mentioning the terrain!  More sand than my golf game, BRR certainly throws you at the elements – BE PREPARED!

Pay through to race day at $12/w (20% discount on the normal coaching ‘top-up’ price – normally $15/w).

This will unlock your programme so no more pesky ‘black bars’.  The programme is displayed as current week plus the forthcoming 2 weeks (3 weeks at a time).

For the purposes of protecting intellectual property, this purchase does not entitle you to full access to the full programme to race day.

Ali or Kerry will ‘unlock’ your programme following this purchase however this process is not automated.