Train to Six Foot Track or Australian Alpine Ascent

$180 $48 excl.Tax (if any)


Six Foot Track is the quintessential Aussie classic.  Getting an entry my well be the hardest part of running this race although you may think otherwise climbing out of Pluviometer…

Didn’t get an entry into Six Foot?  How about some mountain time!  Australian Alpine Ascent provides a mix of challenging and epic options and is on the same day as 6ft.

This is the comprehensive training plan for Six Foot or Alpine Ascent and covers all the specifics of preparing you for race day March 10th.  The plans are significantly different to account for the specifics of each race, the shop item is just bundled together on account of them being on the same day and therefor the same price.

Pay through to race day at $12/w (20% discount on the normal coaching ‘top-up’ price – normally $15/w).

This will unlock your programme so no more pesky ‘black bars’.  The programme is displayed as current week plus the forthcoming 2 weeks (3 weeks at a time).

For the purposes of protecting intellectual property, this purchase does not entitle you to full access to the full programme to race day.

Ali or Kerry will ‘unlock’ your programme following this purchase however this process is not automated.