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Private Coaching

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Go to Train to Ultra-trail Australia 2017

Train to Ultra-trail Australia 2017

The biggest trail race and the biggest coach-lead running community in Australasia for good reason! With a 96.5% completion rate at UTA2016 you owe it to yourself to have the best chance of getting it done!

Go to $15/w – Train to Hounslow

$15/w – Train to Hounslow

More ups and downs than an episode of Greys Anatomy the Hounslow Classic has more awkward stairs than a Clint Eastwood movie.

Go to $15/w – Train to GOW100

$15/w – Train to GOW100

The Great Ocean Walk and 100km of beautiful beaches and wind swept coast-line. The trail sells itself but you wont run it without some work. Join as in training and at the event!

Go to $15/w Train to Target: Marathon

$15/w Train to Target: Marathon

Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne or more. Join us in training for your target marathon and get the training plan that’s right for you.

Go to $15/w Train with SQUADRUN – Maintenance Plans

$15/w Train with SQUADRUN – Maintenance Plans

Be fit and race-ready with the “Train with SQUADRUN” programmes that delivers you structured training regardless of your ability or target event.

Go to $10/w – Train to Tarawera Ultra Marathon

$10/w – Train to Tarawera Ultra Marathon

Considered the sister race to the Ultra-trail Australia, Tarawera Ultra is everything you would expect from a world class event. Train with SQUADRUN and blend in with the locals – Bro.

Go to 8-week ‘Run it FASTER’ Plans

8-week ‘Run it FASTER’ Plans

Time to kick some tyres and light some fires! This is the highly detailed plan for 8 weeks of exacting training. Currently available beginner and advanced programmes for the Marathon distance.

"It's the simple application of good training over time. There is nothing prohibitive about running save your own inhibitions"

About us

SQUADRUN is more than just coaching and training programmes
It's a community

It's group discounts, it's nutrition, motivation, support and so much more!

  • Support from a carefully selected team of professionals

  • Have Kerry and the team of Pro Athletes help you with your training

  • Be inspired by a community of enthusiastic athletes and coaches encouraging you to 'get there' and enjoy the journey

Our team

SQUADRUN "Train to " programmes are supported by industry leading specialists and athletes who know success through application of their knowledge.

Kerry Suter

Head Coach and ultra-distance specialist.
3x Hamilton Hawks SM Road Champion (best 10km 32:15), 2x Hamilton Hawks SM XC Champion, 2x Cambridge Harriers SM Road Champion, 2x Cambridge Harriers SM Road Champion, 2x 1st Kauri 70km (and course record 6:52), 2x 2nd Kauri 32km (best 2:29), 1st & 2nd Okataina ‘Big-O’, 1st & 2nd Tussock Traverse (best 2:07 after running 26km 3:06 to the start), The Alpine Goat 2:08, 2x 2nd Toi’s Challenge (best 1:19), 3x 1st T42 (and course record 2:52), 1st Tarawera Ultra 85km (and course record 7:20), 1st Tarawera Ultra 100km, 2x 1st The Nugget 21km (and course record 1:29), 1st Great Ocean Road Walkway 100km, 2nd National 100km Road Champs Personal Bests 5km 15:24 10km 31:56 21km 1:11 100km 7:40

Hanny Allston

Sports Nutrition Expert Life and Stress Management Coach Motivational Speaker Mentor, Consultant and absolute trail running bad-ass.
Hanny joins the SQUADRUN team in a multifaceted support capability. She is hugely qualified and massively successful as an athlete and entrepreneur.

Mark Green

Injury prevention and recovery consultant.
Running Technique Analyst Physiotherapist TheBodyMechanic

Jo Johansen

Elite Ultra-Distance Runner and Brand Spokeswoman
Jo needs little introduction. After storming her way to victory in the 2013 Tarawera Ultra Jo burst onto the ultra scene. Since then she has been a dominant player in Australasian trail racing with multiple victories across the continent.

Ali Pottinger

She’s actually the boss…
The glue that holds SQUADRUN together, Ali is the driving force behind actually getting everything done. She’s your first point of contact when you have a question and the first to offer you kind words of encouragement.

Graham Hammond

Retail and Merchandise specialist
If it’s gear you need, Graham is your guy. With access to hundreds of brands and the latest in trail running paraphernalia let Graham be your ‘go-to’ for all things equipment.


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